Criticized Cisco 6500 Switch

Last week Cisco announced a new upgrade for the Catalyst 6500E switching platform. The Supervisor 2T engine that will deliver 2 terabits of bandwidth which triples the original 6500 throughput and makes it so 4x the number of devices can connect to a network.  Perhaps the best part of this update is that it is only costing about $38,000 to upgrade to the SupT2 where as a comparable HP Product would cost more than $100,000.

This announcement quickly came under criticisms from HP Executives who claimed that the SupT2 upgrade was only available for the 6513E series and if in order to use its virtual switching system (VSS)  for all 6500 models you would have to upgrade the line card. He also argued that even with the upgrade the new 6500’s capabilities was comparable to HP’s new project the A10500 replacement platform that HP announced in May.  Cisco’s Director of Switching Solution’s Scott Gainy, was quick to rebuttal this argument on Cisco’s borderless blog, he charged back by explaining that the upgrade is eligible for any 6500E and that the uplinks on the Sup2T are capable of forming VSL links to complete the VSS. He also pointed out that Cisco made attempts to compare the SupT2 upgrade to the HP A10500 and was unable to find where or how to order them.

This rebuttal from Cisco is rare and although Cisco is often under criticism for various products they typically avoid confrontation like this. For more information regarding Cisco’s Rebuttal and upgrade please visit.


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